Labels Printing

22/03/2018 Decal, Service


An eye-catching package will create a special advantage for your brand. Package directly affect to consumer via their labels. Hence, we specially focus on creating product’s value for our customers through printing and creating remarkable labels with the best practise quality and colours.

Brochure, Leaflets Printing

22/03/2018 Blister, Brochure, Decal, Flyer, Service


Brochure and leaflet are one of effective marketing tools, which bring products closer to consumer. Brochure and leaflet have to clear and eye-catching content, shape as well as colours. With our expertise, we are able to advise you, our esteemed customers, the most creative, beautiful brochure, leaflet’s shapes and designs. Additionally, beside of our modern […]

E-Flute Carton Printing

22/03/2018 Package, Service


We not only produce good quality carton to protect inside goods but also provide consulting service on printing and creating simple, impressive, and eye-catching contents on product’s label. E-flute carton is suitable for protect premium products such as: Premium shoes, electronic devices, and many other technical products…

Package Printing

22/03/2018 Package, Service


Due to distinct properties of pharmaceuticals industry, package for products in this industry is always controlled by extremely strict requirements. Blue, yellow, red are usually used tones to create trust and reliable feelings for consumers. While cosmetic package has to be innovatively, meticulously, impressively and very professionally printed. Van Hung is specialized in manufacturing pharmaceutical […]

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